What FundWey Does

Fundwey is a pioneering private finance institution specialized in providing fund and necessary support for businesses to thrive across Africa by bringing investors to invest on your ideas and value-added business support.

By generating employment, strengthening value chains and building markets, our investments bring about inclusive economic growth and improved living conditions in the low and middle income countries where we operate.

FundWey Step?

Success Through Effective Partnerships,” is what FundWey wants to achieve in working with you to overcome your idea challenges and maximize idea opportunities.

Business Diagnosis

- Viability and risk assessment
- Cash-flow analysis
- Compliance and legal audit
- ESG assessment

Business Plan and Implementation

- Sales & distribution
- Assistance in recruitment & contract negotiation
- Project management
- Supply chain

Business Plan

- Robust business plan
- Risk mitigation
- Financial plan
- Assistance in legal review
- Strategic foresight

Growth Support

- Market linkages
- Financial management
- Leadership & management
- Growth management

Investors & Funders 

We are enjoying the support of more than 30 international development financial institutions, development organizations, foundations, large companies and private funders. This includes us actively investing in our funds and programmes.


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